What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Welcome to Deel Behavioral Health, your trusted ally on the path to recovery. Our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is designed to empower individuals struggling with substance use disorders to regain control of their lives. With a dedicated multidisciplinary team and personalized treatment plans, we’re committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery.

MAT is a scientifically proven and highly effective approach to addressing substance use disorders. It combines the use of FDA-approved medications, such as Suboxone, with evidence-based counseling and behavioral therapies. This integrated approach is designed to.

Reduce Cravings and Withdrawal: MAT medications like Suboxone help reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making the early stages of recovery more manageable.
Normalize Brain Function: MAT helps restore normal brain function that may have been altered by substance use, enabling individuals to focus on their recovery.
Improve Treatment Outcomes: Studies show that MAT significantly increases the chances of successful recovery, improving overall quality of life.

Our Approach to MAT

At Deel Behavioral Health, we recognize that every individual’s journey to recovery is unique. Our approach to MAT is rooted in personalized care and a deep commitment to your well-being. Here’s what sets us apart.

Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct a thorough assessment of your medical history, substance use, and mental health to create a tailored treatment plan.
Holistic Care: Our MAT program integrates seamlessly with our behavioral health services, ensuring that your physical, mental, and emotional needs are addressed.
Expert Team: Our multidisciplinary team includes doctors, therapists, counselors, and addiction specialists, all working together to support your recovery.
Patient-Centered Approach: You are at the center of your treatment plan. We collaborate with you to set achievable goals and milestones.

MAT Services Offered

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a medication that plays a crucial role in MAT, particularly for individuals with opioid dependence. Here’s how Suboxone works.

Opioid Receptor Binding: Suboxone binds to the same opioid receptors as substances like heroin or prescription opioids but in a less intense way, reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Safe and Supervised: Suboxone is administered under medical supervision to ensure safety and effectiveness.
Long-Lasting Relief: A single daily dose of Suboxone provides continuous relief, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without constant medication adjustments.

Medication Selection

Our MAT program offers a range of FDA-approved medications tailored to your specific needs, including but not limited to

Naltrexone: Blocks the effects of opioids and alcohol, helping individuals maintain sobriety.
Vivitrol: An extended-release form of naltrexone that requires monthly injections.

Your MAT provider will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate medication based on your unique circumstances and goals.

Counseling and Therapy

MAT is not just about medication; it’s about addressing the root causes of addiction and developing healthy coping strategies. Our counseling and therapy services include.

Individual Counseling: One-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist to explore personal challenges and develop strategies for recovery.
Group Therapy: Participate in supportive group sessions where you can share experiences and gain insights from peers.
Family Therapy: Rebuild relationships and strengthen your support system through family-focused therapy.

Why Choose Deel Behavioral Health for MAT

Comprehensive Care: Our clinic offers a wide range of services, ensuring that you receive all the support you need in one place, reducing the stress of navigating multiple providers.
Accreditation and Certifications: Deel Behavioral Health is accredited and certified in addiction treatment, ensuring the highest standards of care.
Compassionate Team: Our caring and dedicated staff are passionate about helping you on your journey to recovery. We are here for you every step of the way.

Let Deel Behavioral Health Help

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Suboxone is a medication used in MAT to manage opioid dependence. It contains buprenorphine and naloxone, which work together to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine activates opioid receptors without causing a high, while naloxone helps prevent misuse.

MAT is suitable for individuals struggling with opioid or alcohol dependence. Our expert team assesses each case individually to determine the most appropriate treatment plan, taking into account the type and severity of addiction.

The duration of MAT treatment varies from person to person. It can range from several months to several years, depending on your progress and goals. The goal is to support lasting recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

MAT medications may have side effects, which our medical team discusses with you before starting treatment. Common side effects may include nausea, constipation, or drowsiness. These side effects are closely monitored and managed to ensure your comfort and safety.